Buccaneers last 10 first-round draft picks, ranked from best to bust

Jason Licht has a knack for hitting home runs in the NFL Draft, but not every pick has been a hit.
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2. OT Tristan Wirfs (2020)

There's no doubt that the 2020 draft held one of the deepest offensive line classes in recent memory. As shown with 47 offensive linemen selected and 18 picked within the first three rounds, 2020 was filled with plenty of quality starting offensive linemen.

Of all those linemen selected, Wirfs, the No. 13 selection by the Buccaneers, has been the best of the group. Starting in 63 games, Wirfs has played 4,286 total snaps and has allowed just ten sacks and 16 penalties, earning PFF grades of 81.8, 84.6, 81.1, and 83.8, respectivly.

While Wirfs' 2023 season wasn't too great, allowing six penalties and five sacks on 1099 snaps, Wirfs still finished the year with an 81.1 grade from PFF. During his four years in the NFL, Wirfs has earned grades of 83.8, 81.1, 84.6, and 81.8, the highest marks of any offensive lineman drafted in 2020.

At just 25 years old, Wirfs has quickly ascended the ranks of the NFL's top tackles. Per Sports Reference, Wirfs has earned three Pro Bowl selections and was named to the NFL's All-Pro First Team in 2021 and the Second Team in 2022. After making the NFL's All-Rookie Team in 2020, Wirfs has been ranked No. 89, No. 41, and No. 98 in the NFL's annual top-100 list, cementing the Buccaneers' hit on Wirfs as a draft pick.