Is there a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game today?

Another NFL Sunday has arrived, but for the second time this year the Bucs won’t be playing.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Buffalo Bills
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Buffalo Bills / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

We’re eight weeks into the season, and already the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have put their fans through a roller coaster ride of emotions.

Things started out surprisingly well, with the Bucs marching out to a 3-1 record and looking like contenders. Given the broad expectation that this would be a year in which the team tanked, it was as good a start as anyone could have hoped for.

Then the last three weeks happened.

Coming out of the bye week, the Bucs are 0–3 and look absolutely lost on offense. The defense is even starting to show cracks, despite putting up valiant efforts against two of the best offenses in football.

Offensively things are a mess. The run game remains on the sides of milk cartons, Baker Mayfield has plateaued, and the Dave Canales honeymoon is officially over. Things were supposed to be different this season with new personnel running the offense, but the same old mistakes and frustrations are bubbling up and holding the team back.

It’s only Week 8, but it’s already starting to feel like each week is increasingly more important to saving the season before it goes completely off the rails.

Do the Tampa Bay Buccaneers play today?

For the third Sunday this year, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will not be playing.

Some might say the Bucs didn’t play on Thursday either, but that’s a bit of an overreaction. We’ve all had a few days to digest what happened in Buffalo, as have the Bucs who now have an extra long week to try and fix things before heading to Houston next week.

The Bucs were off back in Week 5, which was the team’s bye week, and are once again off on Sunday due to having already played. We all know what happened on Thursday night, with the Bucs failing to pull off a miracle Hail Mary and ultimately losing to the Bills 24-18.

It’s the last time this year the Bucs won’t play on Sunday.

Tampa Bay had two primetime games this year — the Monday night loss in Week 3 and this past Thursday — and none remain on the schedule. There’s a chance the team still plays another primetime game, but it likely won’t be flexed into Monday Night Football.

ESPN can flex MNF games this year, at the NFL’s disscretion, but there’s a better chance of the Bucs moving into either a late window or the Sunday Night Football slot.

Remaining Tampa Bay Buccaneers schedule 2023

Despite how frustrating the last three weeks have been, the season still isn’t over. The Bucs are 3-4, but are still well within striking distance of the NFC South title and can easily catch the Falcons and flip the division back in their favor.

It won’t be easy, though.

This is perhaps the toughest stretch of the Bucs schedule, one that won’t lighten up until around Thanksgiving. That’s why it was paramount Tampa Bay play good football and prove to everyone it deserves to be talked about as a contender — something that hasn’t happened.

It’s been back-to-back weeks of near-wins, though, so there’s hope the Bucs can figure things out and get the season back on track.

Here’s a look at the remaining Buccaneers schedule:




TV Channel

Week 9

at Houston Texans

Nov. 5th, 1pm ET


Week 10

vs. Tennessee Titans

Nov. 12th, 1pm ET


Week 11

at San Francisco 49ers

Nov. 19th, 4:05pm ET


Week 12

at Indianapolis Colts

Nov. 26th, 1pm ET


Week 13

vs. Carolina Panthers

Dec. 3rd, 1pm ET


Week 14

at Atlanta Falcons

Dec 10th, 1pm ET


Week 15

at Green Bay Packers

Dec. 17th, 1pm ET


Week 16

vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Dec. 24th, 4:05pm ET


Week 17

vs. New Orleans Saints

Dec. 31st, 1pm ET


Week 18

at Carolina Panthers

Jan 7th, TBD


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