4 Buccaneers on the hot seat even after a win in Week 14

The win might feel good right now, but there is no reason to feel safe.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Baker Mayfield
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Baker Mayfield / Alex Slitz/GettyImages
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3. Ryan Neal, S

Against the Falcons, safety Ryan Neal left the game and did not return with a hip injury. However, it is unclear whether or not he will end up playing in Week 15. If he does, his seat should feel extremely hot. Neal has had a horrific season, overall.

Although the Bucs have played him more toward the line of scrimmage in recent weeks and he's made some improvements, Neal shouldn't feel comfortable. Sure, he's coming off arguably his best game of the season, albeit on limited snaps (17 snaps in total). But, that's no reason to be comfortable, especially going up against the guys he's going to see next week.

The Green Bay Packers are a desperate, hungry team right now and are looking to hang onto their playoff hopes. In all likelihood, if Neal plays, he is going to be seeing a whole lot of rookie wide receiver Jayden Reed, who has been a big part of the Packers' offense as of late.

Reed is a very versatile, speedy weapon that the Packers like using on designed runs and on quick passes closer to the line of scrimmage. Reed has scored four touchdowns in his last five games, and has done so both through the air and on the ground. Neal certainly has his work cut out for him, if he plays.