3 Jonathan Taylor trade packages Buccaneers need to offer Colts

If the Bucs were to get involved in the Jonathan Taylor trade drama, they'd have plenty to do to make it work
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jonathan Taylor
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Trade Number 2: The Bucs add a lot more draft capital

Would Taylor be worth a first rounder? That's up for debate. Personally, I believe he's worth that and then some. We're talking about an absolute game breaker, here, and there's few of those at the position right now.

But, the way running backs are viewed in this league, that might not happen. So, let's say the Bucs offered Evans and a second-round pick. Would that be enough?

Taylor trade 2

Looking at Evans, alone, he could be the perfect type of receiver for Richardson. The rookie has a huge arm and can throw deep with the best of them, even at a young age. Evans is one of the best, most consistent outside threats the league has seen over the last decade or so.

If Richardson is ever in trouble, Evans is a monster of a man with a huge catch radius that can still go up and get it. Evans is only 30 years old, and is rarely dealing with injury. So, quite frankly, adding and extending someone like Evans holds far more value than a running back.

Speaking of valuing a running back, and going back to that topic, this is precisely why the Bucs wouldn't offer a first rounder. Even offering a second-round pick, along with Evans, seems like a lot. But, Taylor is a game-changing back, and could change this offense immediately.