3 Jonathan Taylor trade packages Buccaneers need to offer Colts

If the Bucs were to get involved in the Jonathan Taylor trade drama, they'd have plenty to do to make it work
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jonathan Taylor
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Trade Number 3: The Bucs make a player for player swap

Once more going back to the idea that Tampa Bay isn't a team that's going to win a title this year, or maybe for another couple years, it might be time to think about getting younger. Edge rusher Shaquil Barrett is coming off an Achilles injury and was cleared to practice, recently, which is great news.

But, the Bucs could still get out of his contract next year if they really wanted to. A 30-year-old pass rusher coming off injury doesn't exactly seem to inspire, although Bucs fans would love to see him return to form.

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In this deal, it's a simple player-for-player swap. The Colts could use another edge rusher, and Barrett would help fill the void that Yannick Ngakoue has left (who also still happens to be available in free agency, and ironically would come cheaper than Barrett for a team like Tampa to help fill that void).

Both teams would have to decide if they wanted to extend their player on either side of this deal, and my guess is, again, the Bucs would have to. And it makes sense. Locking up Taylor and using White here and there makes a ton of sense.

If we're talking about running back shelf life, both of these backs would benefit from sharing a little bit of the load. Of course, Taylor gets the bulk and is one who gets better as the game goes on. But, keeping him healthy and fresh should also be priority.

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