5 Buccaneers players and coaches on the hot seat in Week 18

It all comes down to one last week.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Baker Mayfield
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Baker Mayfield / Mike Carlson/GettyImages
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2. Devin White, LB

Unlike Delaney who could be playing for his future both in Tampa Bay or somewhere else, veteran linebacker Devin White is most certainly playing for his future elsewhere. The last several months have been something else for the Bucs linebacker.

At one point, White requested a trade, which the Bucs refused to honor. After another season of questionable play (I'll explain that one in a minute), White found himself in an interesting spot when he was a healthy scratch for the team's Week 15 matchup with the Green Bay Packers.

Multiple outlets reported that White "quit on the team," which is why he was made inactive. However, White told ESPN that those reports were not true.

"I've just been seeing a lot of stuff saying like, that I quit on my team. I don't understand how I could do that when it was a personal -- like for me and coach [Todd] Bowles -- decision to sit down and rest to be able to help my team. And even when I haven't been playing, I've been in the building. I've been out there just supporting them. ... I'll never quit on my team."

Regardless, White has not been as good a linebacker as stats might suggest. He might rack up the tackles and look good when rushing the passer here and there, but if you dive in, he's been horrific against the run and mediocre in coverage -- for his entire career.

White is as good as gone in Tampa, but he's on the hot seat in this final game. He has to put on a show if he wants a sizable contract with another team in the offseason.