5 Buccaneers players and coaches who won't be back in 2024

The Bucs will likely see some major changes next year.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Todd Bowles
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Todd Bowles / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages
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5. Dave Canales, Offensive Coordinator

Because Bowles will be out, that also more than likely means that offensive coordinator Dave Canales is going to be out as well. I would assume the Bucs go the route of hiring an offensive-minded head coach while they go out and find their quarterback of the future. If that's the case, then they will undoubtedly go find a new offensive coordinator.

The thing about this position is, the Bucs may not even need a true offensive coordinator. Should they hire a head coach that also calls the plays, the offensive coordinator position might end up meaning little to nothing when it comes to play calling.

Whomever they hire as the next head coach and offensive coordinator, the Bucs have to find a pairing that can help this team get back to running the football on a consistent basis. Through nine weeks, the Bucs have been the worst rushing team in the league.

Maybe, they go find someone like a Frank Smith from the Miami Dolphins, who has done a masterful job alongside Mike McDaniel in getting the Dolphins to the no. 1 offense in the league to this date. Smith would be a perfect fit if the Bucs wanted someone who could fix the run game. Regardless, Canales is out along with Bowles.

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