10 quarterbacks who could be the Bucs' starter in 2024

The Buccaneers' quarterback plans are up in the air beyond this season.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Baker Mayfield
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5. Michael Penix Jr., Washington

Another college prospect the Bucs could target on Day 2 is Washington's Michael Penix Jr., the former Indiana standout. In Washington, Penix has upped his game even further. Last year, Penix went for 4,641 yards, 31 touchdowns and eight picks. This year, Penix has tossed 26 touchdowns and seven interceptions along with 3,201 yards.

This would be a homecoming for Penix who was born in Tampa, Florida, so you better believe he'd be thrilled about being selected by the Bucs. Penix has a huge arm and throws with excellent anticipation. He can definitely improve in his accuracy, but looks the part as a possible future starter in the NFL.

6. Bo Nix, Oregon

Like Penix, Bo Nix is another quarterback who should be a Day 2 prospect, although he might sneak into the first round. Nix improved tremendously after transferring to Oregon last year, and now looks like he has a future in the NFL after not really looking the part while at Auburn.

Nix throws with anticipation and has a lot of velocity on his passes. He looks NFL-ready in the fact that he can operate well under the tougher circumstances, even just a 5-man protection. Last year with the Tigers, Nix threw for 3,593 yards, 29 touchdowns and seven picks. This season, he looks even better as he's thrown for 2,723 yards, 25 touchdowns and only two interceptions.

A sneaky element to his game is also the fact that he can use his legs. Last year, he rushed for 14 touchdowns and over 500 yards. This year, he's taken off less, but the skill set is there.