10 quarterbacks who could be the Bucs' starter in 2024

The Buccaneers' quarterback plans are up in the air beyond this season.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Baker Mayfield
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Baker Mayfield / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages
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9. Kyle Trask

Let's say the Bucs run it back with one of the guys currently in their quarterback room. This past offseason, Kyle Trask lost the competition and thus was relegated to a backup role once again. But, maybe the Bucs take a gap year and allow Trask to give it a shot. Some fans might even want to see him take over this year after the Bucs began to reel. He is not the ideal candidate to start in 2024, but he's definitely an option.

10. Baker Mayfield

Finally, the Bucs very well could bring back Baker Mayfield. He has played well enough to show that he's definitely not done in the NFL, and if the Bucs aren't able to draft Maye or Williams, there is a real possibility that Mayfield returns for another year. Tampa Bay would love to get their hands on a franchise quarterback, but that might not end up coming until 2025.

If Mayfield returns, at least the Bucs have someone who knows the system and has chemistry with the guys who are in the locker room right now. But, he's not necessarily the best long-term option.