3 quarterbacks Bucs should target (and 2 they shouldn't) in 2024

Is Baker Mayfield, in fact, the answer? If not, who is?
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Baker Mayfield
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Baker Mayfield / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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Target No. 3: Baker Mayfield, 2024 NFL Free Agency

Quite frankly, re-signing Baker Mayfield is not a bad option at all. He has played his way back into relevancy around this league, and has the Bucs thinking playoffs at the end of this season. I don't think anyone expected Mayfield to become a starting fantasy football option in 2023, either, but here we are.

It can be misleading trying to compare a fantasy-relevant quarterback to real-life, NFL performance. But, in this case, it makes sense. Mayfield has been fairly consistent all year long. He's top-10 in passing touchdowns and should definitely surpass 4,000 passing yards on the year. What more could you have asked for if you're a Bucs fan?

I think Mayfield has more than answered the call this season. He's played very well under the circumstances. The Bucs have not had an ideal rushing attack, whether it be due to the back field or interior offensive line's play. Games have been placed on his back many times this year, and he's performed.

The competitive spirit and winning mindset has shown through over the 2023 campaign. We're seeing shades of the guy who came into the league as a no. 1 overall pick, and it's refreshing. If the Bucs kept Mayfield and filled in the holes around him, it truly would not be a bad way to go.