3 quarterbacks Bucs should target (and 2 they shouldn't) in 2024

Is Baker Mayfield, in fact, the answer? If not, who is?
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Baker Mayfield
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Baker Mayfield / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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QB No. 1 to avoid: Sam Darnold, 2024 NFL Free Agency

Hopefully, the Bucs don't end up falling into this trap. If they don't see a way to land a quarterback they like in the draft, signing someone like Sam Darnold could be seen as a "consolation," but it really isn't.

If the Bucs are going to entertain signing Darnold, then they are far better off simply keeping Mayfield with the way he's played this season.

Darnold hasn't started a game this year for the 49ers, but has served as the team's backup. And, as a backup, Darnold is a great option. He came off of playing some good football for Carolina at the tail end of last season, taking over after Baker Mayfield left town, ironically enough.

But, don't get fooled. Darnold isn't the type of guy who will lead the Bucs further than Mayfield has this season. He isn't a starting-caliber quarterback. We've seen who he is in six seasons, and he's not the answer in Tampa Bay.