3 questions surrounding the Bucs 53-man roster

  • A thin secondary may raise issues
  • Future running back shift?
  • It's all about Baker Mayfield
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Sean Tucker
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Sean Tucker / Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports
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2. How long until Sean Tucker gets meaningful touches?

From the moment the 2023 NFL Draft ended, it was never a question of whether or not Sean Tucker gets his opportunity, the only question was when it would happen. The Bucs gave him his shot to earn a spot on the roster, and that's exactly what the Syracuse product did over the offseason and preseason.

Tucker would have easily been a Day 2 pick had it not been for injury concerns and a heart issue, but that was out of his control. What he could control, however, was how he responded to the adversity. Tucker made an impact throughout training camp and took full advantage of his preseason opportunities, and now looks like a candidate to be the legitimate RB2 in Tampa Bay.

Rachaad White is capable, but Tucker just brings that extra gear; the "juice" as some have described. Tucker has that home run ability and the talent to make one cut and get gone in a hurry. He's a natural pass catcher and can also run between the tackles. In short, he is as complete a back as you could ask for. Again, he would have been a sure fire pick on Day 2 had it not been for other concerns.

Now, the question is, when does he begin to seep into White's touches? A lot of Bucs fans are clamoring for Tucker to overtake the RB1 job, and he just might be able to do that if given the opportunity. This offense could be a completely different beast with his skill set in the back field.