3 reasons Baker Mayfield is going to prove everyone wrong with Bucs

It's all about the differences in Tampa for the former no. 1 overall pick

Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Baker Mayfield
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Baker Mayfield / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages
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3. Mayfield is a winner, and his teammates easily rally around him

Since coming out of college, Mayfield has been one thing and one thing above all else: a competitor. He's a winner. He has that mentality and has never lost it. And, contrary to some previous beliefs and reports, Mayfield is an excellent teammate.

No matter where he's been, whether it be Cleveland, Carolina, Los Angeles or now in Tampa Bay, he has had teammates speak highly of who he is as a teammate and player. Even earlier this year, his former teammate Austin Hooper came out and helped dispel some reports of Mayfield not being the best teammate.

“Everything that came out about him, it was nothing from guys on the team. Once decisions were made, certain people within a building had to justify their decision. That’s all I’m gonna say about that… He’s never had any issues with anyone in the locker room. He’s a great teammate, he’s a good dude, always checks in on everyone.”

Since joining the Bucs, reports have been positive. Mayfield seems to have a firm grasp on the starting job, and his teammates have done nothing but rally around him. This guy is a former number one pick for a reason, and he's going to prove just that. His teammates believe, he believes, and his coaching staff believes.

You can bank on a statement year from the former Oklahoma Sooner.

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