Buccaneers Rumors: 5 candidates to replace Todd Bowles

Should the Bucs go a different direction and move into a new era?
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Todd Bowles
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2. Josh McCown, Quarterbacks Coach, Carolina Panthers

If the Bucs wanted to go the route of an offensive mind, one of the more interesting names is another former player. Longtime NFL quarterback Josh McCown has joined the coaching ranks, and currently serves as the Carolina Panthers quarterbacks coach, working with rookie no. 1 pick Bryce Young this season.

McCown spent 18 years in the league as a player and was with several different teams, including the Bucs back in 2014. Having been around NFL offenses for that long and a variety of different schemes and units, McCown's experience and knowledge is plentiful.

The Bucs could end up wanting to find their franchise quarterback next season, depending on the cost, and many fans would love the team to hire an offensive mind as the team's head coach. McCown would fit that bill, for sure.

While McCown's time might not be now, and he could see his opportunity come in a couple of years, it's worth mentioning his name. He's been one of the more respected players around the league and is a bright football mind. If Tampa wanted to give him his shot a little earlier than other teams might, it wouldn't be a bad idea.