3 Derrick Henry trades the Buccaneers should offer

Derrick Henry to the Bucs has been a hot topic as of late
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Derrick Henry
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Trade Number 2: The Bucs send a player for Henry and a pick

Prior to the season, linebacker Devin White had requested a trade out of Tampa Bay. He is in the last year of his rookie contract and the Bucs don't seem likely to extend him. White has totaled 100 or more tackles three seasons in a row and looks as though he could get there again this season. Back in 2021, he was a Pro Bowler after notching 128 tackles, eight tackles for loss, 18 quarterback hits and defending three passes.

There hasn't been a ton made about his being traded, but it's still a possibility, especially in a scenario like this where two teams wind up parting with players they do not plan to bring back.

Henry trade 2

White could wind up being part of the future for Tennessee, while the Bucs bring up one of two rookies in Yaya Diaby or SirVocea Dennis to develop in his place.

Meanwhile, the Bucs not only get Henry, but a fourth-round pick to work with in the future as well. This addresses their biggest need in the run game while also giving them an asset in their back pocket.

Back when White originally requested a trade, there was a proposal floated out by Bill Barnwell that sent a second and fifth rounder to the Bucs for White, so this makes sense.