3 Derrick Henry trades the Buccaneers should offer

Derrick Henry to the Bucs has been a hot topic as of late
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Derrick Henry
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Trade Number 3: The Bucs and Titans go player-for-player

The Titans may choose to still try and win this season, which is exactly why trading for another offensive weapon would make sense. They signed DeAndre Hopkins, but imagine pairing him with Mike Evans. Ryan Tannehill would have zero excuses and maybe the best arsenal at wide receiver that he's ever had.

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Even though it has been reported that an Evans trade is unlikely, this deal makes sense for both sides. It's two players, each on the last year of their contracts, whose teams aren't going to bring them back. At this point, there is almost zero chance that the Titans or Bucs re-sign Henry or Evans, respectively.

Tampa Bay has a couple of wide receivers they could plug in and see what happens, with Deven Thompkins, Trey Palmer and Rakim Jarrett. Palmer and Jarrett are a couple of rookies that have popped at times, with Palmer making more of an impact during the regular season thus far. Thompkins is in just his second year as well, so the Bucs have some youth there.

In the end, it's a win-win for teams that were already planning on parting with these players following the 2023 campaign.