Bucs Rumors: 4 early replacements for Dave Canales when he's ultimately fired

Tampa Bay may need to start fresh across the board, including at offensive coordinator.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Dave Canales
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Dave Canales / Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
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Having lost six of their last seven games, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are all but down for the count this season.

The issues have been all over the board, including on offense, where the Bucs rank in the bottom third of the league in scoring. The strategy for the Bucs, this year, has seemed to be way off base under first-year offensive coordinator Dave Canales.

One would think it should be pretty simple: get the ball to Mike Evans and Chris Godwin while giving touches to Rachaad White in space. But, the Bucs offense has been middling at best this year.

When Todd Bowles is ultimately fired, Canales will get the boot as well. Looking ahead, let's check out some early candidates the Bucs should consider in his place.

1. Ken Dorsey, Former Offensive Coordinator, Buffalo Bills

Ken Dorsey could only do so much for the Buffalo Bills while Josh Allen continued to get in his own way. Dorsey is a bright offensive mind and, sadly, was the scapegoat in Buffalo a couple of weeks back.

Under Dorsey, the Bills had continued to be one of the top offenses in football over the last season and a half. He will not be out of a job for long and should have another offensive coordinator position locked in come the offseason.

Dorsey worked closely with previous offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, helping Allen get to the pinnacle of the league as one of the top quarterbacks in the game today. Prior to being fired, the Bills were in the top five in terms of yards per game and were top 10 in scoring. He clearly wasn't the real problem in Buffalo.

Hiring Dorsey would give the Bills a much more fitting coordinator for whomever the quarterback may be in 2024, but could also allow him to get back on the track of potentially becoming a head coach.