5 star players Buccaneers missed out on drafting since 2015

Imagine if the Bucs had drafted one or two of these stars over the last few years...

Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Derrick Henry
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Derrick Henry / Frederick Breedon/GettyImages
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2. Derrick Henry, 2016

The 2016 season saw the Bucs start Doug Martin at running back in what would be his fifth of six seasons in Tampa Bay. Martin was coming off a big season having rushed for over 1,400 yards and earning an All Pro bid. However, that 2016 season, Martin only totaled 421 yards in an injury-ridden season that saw him play just eight games.

Had the Bucs made a move at running back in the draft that year, they would have had their woes completely solved for years to come. The Tennessee Titans snatched Derrick Henry in the second round of the 2016 NFL Draft at pick no. 45 overall, and he would go on to obviously become one of the most (if not the most) dominant running backs in the league since touching a pro field.

Henry has earned three Pro Bowls and an All Pro nod since entering the league, and had his best season in 2020 when he rushed for 2,027 yards and scored 17 touchdowns. He's gone over the 1,000-yard mark four times, along with scoring double-digit touchdowns in the same number of seasons.

Henry is, of course, known for being one of the toughest tackles for any defender in football. His downhill, rough-nosed style is what makes him so special.

Imagine if Henry had been around for the Tom Brady offenses. I wonder if that Bucs team would have won more than one Super Bowl? Chances are, they'd have been closer, at the very least.