5 teams who could steal Mike Evans from Bucs in free agency

Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Mike Evans
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Mike Evans / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a situation on their hands. Wide receiver Mike Evans wants a new contract, and he has given the Bucs a timeline to reach a new deal: Week 1.

Now, even though Evans has given the Bucs an ultimatum, he's still been the consummate professional. He recently stated,

"I want to be in camp and practice to help Baker get ready so we can win this year. I don't want to be a hold out and hurt our team."

It's good to know Evans is still acting in a classy manner, but if he does end up playing elsewhere next season, which teams could pluck him from free agency? There are five, in particular, that make a lot of sense. Not every one of these would allow Evans to be in contention for a Super Bowl, but they'd be able to give him the money, that's for sure.

1. New York Jets

This offseason, Aaron Rodgers said that he doesn't view this as a "one and done" or "one year" thing with the New York Jets. That gives me reason to believe he wants to be there for at least a couple of seasons.

Rodgers already has a young and emerging weapon in Garrett Wilson, but imagine if Mike Evans was lined up on the opposite side and Rodgers had two Pro Bowl caliber weapons at his disposal. Even further, Rodgers is at the point in his career where Tom Brady was, and guys might want to stick around in effort to win a title.

Dalvin Cook could stick around if he proves to be healthy and effective. Breece Hall will be further removed from injury. And of course, the defense is going to be a strong unit that's only on the rise. This team could be special with an addition like Evans on offense.