5 teams who could steal Mike Evans from Bucs in free agency

Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Mike Evans
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Mike Evans / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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2. Carolina Panthers

This year, it's going to be all about getting Bryce Young some experience; getting his feet wet, if you will. Rookie quarterbacks rarely lead their teams to anything substantial that season, but instead it's going to be about development and learning for the no. 1 overall pick.

Carolina went out and drafted Jonathan Mingo, who could end up becoming the offense's number one target. Meanwhile, Adam Thielen will provide some veteran presence and a security blanket for the young passer. D.J. Chark is a fairly underrated weapon, too, but none of these guys compare to what Evans brings to the table.

The Panthers will have the cap space to bring in a big contract like Evans, so that won't be an issue. Evans would be the clear-cut number one, but he'd also be there to help mentor and bring along the youngster in Mingo.

Carolina's defense is somewhat underrated too, when they are healthy, so this team might not be far from competing within the NFC South if they landed a weapon like Evans. Think about the Panthers as a possible favorite from the perspective that Evans would also get to play his former team twice a year, going forward.