4 teams that should trade for Bucs WR Mike Evans right now

Mike Evans gave the Bucs a deadline for a new deal, so could he be on his way out?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Mike Evans
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Mike Evans / Douglas P. DeFelice/GettyImages
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4. Buffalo Bills

Now, this would be quite the dicey situation if the Bills decided to deal for Evans. On one hand, you have the drama surrounding Stefon Diggs over the course of this past offseason. Although he denied the rumors of wanting a trade, there was a good amount of time where people were wondering just what exactly was going on with him.

Then, you throw in a wide receiver who wants a new contract in Evans. Like in Kansas City, though, this could be a situation where Evans would go to the Bills simply to try and win a championship. Then, after the season, he can test free agency. It would be a risk on the Bills' part, of course, because if they give up assets to acquire Evans and don't win it all, that would be a tough scene.

The Bills did want to add another premier weapon to their offense over the spring, and were once logical suitors for DeAndre Hopkins. Instead, the team drafted Dalton Kincaid and called it a day. But, adding an outside threat like Evans and pairing him with Diggs and Gabriel Davis would give this offense maybe the best trio of wide receivers not named Ja'Marr, Tee and Tyler.

There's also the cap situation, which any team would have to figure out if they dealt for Evans. But, that's for the front office to work through.