What channel is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game on today? How to watch Bucs vs. Lions (October 15th)

The Bucs are back in action, and so are the throwback creamsicles.
Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers / J. Meric/GettyImages

Ladies and gentlemen it's finally here, Creamsicle week is upon us.

For the first time since 2012, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be donning their classic throwback uniforms on Sunday in a game that has grown exponentially more interesting than when it was scheduled.

Two things are happening that we didn't know would be the case when this game was scheduled back in May. Both the Buccaneers and Lions are first place teams who are meeting in what very well could be a playoff preview. It's also a game that is going to be played in the primo late window slate for FOX and be featued as a Game of the Week.

Pretty big stuff for a team that was supposed to be tanking this year.

Baker Mayfield and the Bucs were a laughing stock over the offseason but have turned into a team that is being flexed in less than half a season. That alone is worth celebrating, but the work is only just beginning.

We're going to learn a lot about the Bucs in the next few weeks. Tampa Bay will travel up to Buffalo in a few weeks for a Thursday Night showdown and have games against San Francisco and Jacksonville on the horizon. Sunday's game against Detroit is a true measuring stick game that will help give us an idea of just how seriously the Bucs should be taken as contenders.

What channel is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game on today? (October 15th)

It's been lost in the shuffle of how important this Sunday's game has become, but the Buccaneers will be wearing their creamsicle throwbacks for the first time in over a decade in Week 6. At one point in time that was the headline, and it's just as notable as it was when it was announced.

Originally the game was scheduled to be played at 1pm ET, but it has since been flexed out of that window and moved to the Fox 'Game of the Week' slot.

Here's how to catch today's creamsicle game:

  • Date: Sunday, October 15th
  • Start Time: 4:25 pm ET
  • Location: Raymond James Stadium
  • TV Channel: FOX
  • Announcers: Adam Amin, Daryl Johnston
  • Radio: WXTB 97.9 FM | More Affiliates
  • Live Stream: NFL Sunday Ticket

How to listen to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game on radio today

Every single Buccaneers games can be heard on the team's flagship station, WXTB 97.9 FM, but can also be heard on 96.1 FM for the Spanish-language broadcast -- which rules so hard if you get the chance to check it out. Any fan outside of the Tampa area can check out the full list of Buccaneers radio affiliates here:

  • Fort Myers - 770 AM and 104.3 FM WBCN
  • Hernando County - 1450 AM WWJB
  • Miami - 940 AM WINZ
  • Orlando - 740 AM and 96.9 FM WYGM
  • Space Coast/Treasure Coast - 95.9 FM WROK
  • West Palm Beach - 640 AM WMEN

The iconic Gene Deckerhoff will be on the call for the Buccaneers radio broadcast of Sunday's game. Former Bucs tight end Dave Moore wil the booth alongside him, with reporter T.J. Rives working the sidelines.

Fans outside of the listening area can check SiriusXM for a broadcast but there's no guarantee that your area has radio rights to broadcast the game.

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