Complete Thursday Night Football schedule for 2024 NFL Season

  • Amazon Prime will exclusively stream Thursday Night Football again this season
  • The Buccaneers will play on TNF in October
  • Here's everything to know
New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Rams
New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Rams / Ric Tapia/GettyImages

Another season of the NFL is back, which means another full slate of games on Amazon Prime.

Everything about how we consume football is changing. We’ve reached a tipping point of sorts when it comes to playoff games being made streaming exclusives, which seems a few steps removed from a Pay-Per-View Super Bowl experience.

It could be argued that Amazon broke the seal on the football streaming revolution. Two years ago Prime Video started streaming Thursday Night Football and it now seems like a partnership that will not only stay but continue to develop. The NFL and Amazon have partnered on an exclusive Black Friday game and a future playoff game with Thursday Night Football being the crown jewel of its little streaming empire.

When do the Tampa Bay Buccaneers play on Thursday Night Football in 2024?

Last year the Buccaneers had a midseason game in Buffalo on Thursday Night Football, one that came in the midst of a slump but almost turned out a stunning victory.

Despite the Bucs going 1-6 in the middle of the season, they almost snuck out of Buffalo with a win on a Hail Mary. Baker Mayfield almost hit Chris Godwin on what would have been a game-winning touchdown as time expired, but a missed pass interference call got in the way.

The Bucs play one Thursday Night Football game, a Week 5 showdown on the road against Kirk Cousins an the Atlanta Falcons. It's set for Thursday, October 3.

Thursday Night Football schedule for 2024 NFL Season

Unlike years past, not every team is guaranteed a Thursday Night Football game although most of the league will be featured. It used to be that the worst — or least interesting — games were scheduled on Thursday night but Amazon’s influence has slowly started to change that.

The release of the NFL schedule for this season further confirms that the quality of Thursday Night games is on the rise like never before.



2 (Sept. 12)

Bills at Dolphins

3 (Sept. 19)

Patriots at Jets

4 (Sept. 26)

Cowboys at Giants

5 (Oct. 3)

Bucs at Falcons

6 (Oct. 10)

49ers at Seahawks

7 (Oct. 17)

Broncos at Saints

8 (Oct. 24)

Vikings at Rams

9 (Oct. 31)

Texans at Jets

10 (Nov. 7)

Bengals at Ravens

11 (Nov. 14)

Commanders at Eagles

12 (Nov. 21)

Steelers at Browns

13 (Nov. 29)

Ravens at Chiefs (Black Friday)

14 (Dec. 5)

Packers at Lions

15 (Dec. 12)

Rams at 49ers

16 (Dec. 19)

Browns at Bengals

17 (Dec. 26)

Seahawks at Bears

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