Todd Bowles closes the book on Chris Godwin controversy, we hope

Please let this all be over.
Carolina Panthers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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With a massive matchup on Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons, all anyone could focus on this week was the controversey involving Chris Godwin's usage.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers could move into first place with a win in Week 14, but all eyes will be on Godwin and how often he gets dialed up on the play sheet. He was targeted just three times in the win over Carolina and finished the game with zero catches. He did score a touchdown -- his second of the season -- but it came on a rushing play.

After the game Bowles kicked up dust by claiming that a neck injury and being subbed out were reasons why Godwin didn't see much action. This blew up in his face rather quickly, with fans pointing to almost identical snap counts as prior weeks and Godwin's wife ultimately getting involved by calling Bowles out.

Unfortunately it's dominated the conversation, bookending one of the most important weeks of the season.

Todd Bowles addresses Chris Godwin controversy

After practice on Friday -- a week after lighting the spark on this whole controversy -- Bowles addressed the situation for what we can all hope is the last time.

“We’re great, we’ve been great,” Bowles said of his relationship with Godwin. “There’s nothing else to talk about.”

It doesn't help that fans have already been frustrated for weeks over Godwin's mind-boggling lack of usage, so Bowles comments were simply the straw that broke everyone's back. All of this feelsl ike it goes away if the Bucs win, but all eyes will be on how involved Godwin is and it's going to be part of the discourse no matter what.

Keep in mind this whole controversy and the ensuing week-long slog happened after a win.

We'll see what happens on Sunday in Atlanta, but we've reached the point in the season where the tight rope is as tricky to walk as its ever been for everyone in Tampa Bay. There aren't many ways to fix this, but the solutions seem rather obvious.

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