Todd Bowles thinks it was a 'good decision' Bucs OL coaches left this offseason

The departures don't seem to have weighed much on Todd Bowles' mind.

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A lot of attention is being paid to moves the Tampa Bay Buccaneers can make to retain the top talent it has, but most of the offseason has been defined by folks leaving.

Dave Canales is the most notable loss, leaving his position as offensive coordinator to become head coach of the Carolina Panthers. It was an absolutely wild ascension for a guy who was a first-year playcaller last season, but one that serves as a feather in the cap of Jason Licht and the Bucs.

He wasn't the only coach that left, nor was he the only one to got to a division rival. Offensive line coaches Joe Gilbert and Harold Goodwin both bolted to join Canales' staff in Carolina. The optics of it aren't particularly great, but head coach Todd Bowles doesn't seem too bothered over how things played out.

Todd Bowles says it's 'good' Buccaneers OL coaches left for Panthers

While speaking at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, Bowles commented on the loss of Gilbert and Goodwin but endorsed their decisions as good ones to have made.

"They had a good relationship with Dave. They had contracts offered, but they wanted to keep their continuity together with Dave, so they went to Carolina," Bowles said. "I’m good with that because when you get a new offensive coordinator, you want him to be comfortable with the guys that he has around him, so it was a good decision.”

To be clear, the contracts for both coaches had expired at the end of the season effectively making them free agents.

Goodwin was an assistant head coach under Bowles having spent the last five seasons in Tampa Bay. Gilbert had also been with the Bucs for five years, with both coaches helping win a Super Bowl back in 2020.

That being said, the offensive line hasn't been much to write home about over the last few seasons. Injuries have played a huge role in that, but it's been a source of frustration for everyone as the run game suffered from a lack of production upfront and pass protection even started to breakdown late in the year.

Bowles noting that it was a 'good decision' seems to be spot on. The two coaches get to head to Carolina and get fresh starts with a guy they formed a good relationship with, and the Bucs were able to move on and see if a changing of the guard helps fix things on the offensive line.

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