Tristan Wirfs claps back at Cam Jordan after Bucs own Saints in Week 4

Wirfs had some thoughts on Cam Jordan's claim that the Bucs-Saints rivalry isn't real.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints / Chris Graythen/GettyImages

Jordan basically became that lady who yelled on the plane about a guy not being real, except he was talking about the Buccaneers-Saints rivalry.

Earlier in the week Jordan tried to claim that there's no rivalry between the two teams and that the Falcons are the only team New Orleans is ever mildly concerned with.

“Is there a rivalry with the Bucs I don’t know about?” Jordan said. ”Our only real rivalry is with [Atlanta] and it’s not really a rivalry.”

The idea that Jordan and the Saints don't think about the Bucs is rich, especially considering he took time out of his offseason to comment on them. After Tom Brady retired, Jordan took a shot at the Bucs and laughed off the idea that they'd be relevant moving forward.

"Tampa Bay will probably go back to being who Tampa Bay has been," Jordan said this offseason after Tom Brady retired.

To be fair, Jordan is right that the Saints have historically had the upper hand on the Bucs. It's been a short history compared to what New Orleans has with Atlanta, who have been playing each other in the same division for much longer than the Bucs have been in the picture (the NFC South was created in 2002).

New Orleans has a 39-24 all-time record against Tampa Bay, but that leaves out some key postseason context. It's been mostly total domination in the regular season, though, which is what made Sunday's win feel even better.

Tristan Wirfs claps back at Cam Jordan after Bucs win in Week 4

Bucs fans heard Jordan's comments and spent the rest of the week trying to defend their team. The comments didn't fall on deaf ears in the Bucs locker room either, but the Bucs waited to do their talking on the field inside the Superdome.

The talking continued after the 26-9 win, as Tristan Wirfs made sure to call out Jordan's comments when talking about how things went.

"I guess it's not much of a rivalry anymore, according to [Cam Jordan]," Wirfs said after the game. "For them to downplay it? It's a division game. There's always going to be a lot behind it."

It was total domination the other way around on Sunday, as the Bucs never really seemed to not be in control of the game. After a slow start, Tampa Bay found its groove and choked the Saints out with some great drives led by Baker Mayfield and a smothering defensive performance.

Jordan didn't make much of an impact, as the most notable play he was involved in was holding Baker while he was hit high on a dirty play. Other than that, it was a quiet day on the bayou for Jordan and the Saints, while the Bucs cruised to a 3-1 record and first place in the NFC South.

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