Tristan Wirfs shuts down Lions player who wanted to jersey swap after Week 6 loss

If Penei Sewell wants a creamsicle jersey, he’s going to have to buy one.
Detroit Lions v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Detroit Lions v Tampa Bay Buccaneers / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

It was once the marquee element of the Bucs game on Sunday, but the creamsicles returning was quickly overshadowed by how poorly the team looked in the loss to Detroit.

Some fans have pointed out that it was the prefect game to play while wearing the old school uniforms, as Tampa Bay looked perfectly pitiful — so in a way they honored the creamsicles. Just about everything went wrong for the Bucs, from Baker Mayfield looking like the worst version of himself to mental errors that piled up.

Not everyone was terrible, though. Tristan Wrifs continues to be one of the best things about the Bucs, consistently playing at a high level and seemingly not missing a beat despite playing a new position.

Wirfs slid over to left tackle after the Bucs reshuffled the offensive line this offseason and is already one of the best players at his position. In just five starts, he’s is already a top left tackle in the league and hasn’t given up a sack all season.

Something else Wirfs didn’t give up on Sunday was his uniform, as he stiffed a fellow lineman who wanted to jersey swap after the game.

Tristan Wirfs didn’t want to give up his creamsicle jersey to Penei Sewell

Detroit Lions right tackle Penei Sewell is right up there alongside Wirfs as one of the best offensive lineman in the league. Naturally he wanted to meet up with his fellow tackle after the game for the time honored tradition of superstars trading jerseys.

The only problem was Wirfs wasn’t willing to give up his creamsicle. NFL Films caught the exchange between the two lineman, which featured Wirfs as politely as possible telling Sewell that the jersey swap wasn’t going to happen.

Just watch:

It’s pretty impossible to not love both of these guys. It’s also hard to not respect Sewell lowkey trying to get himself a creamsicle as part of the jersey swap. The tradition is cool enough as it is, but to have the added benefit of the jersey he got from Wirfs to be the Bucs creamsicle would have potentially made this one of the best swaps ever.

Aside from the funny exchange, it’s clear there’s a ton of respect between the two players. Wirfs was one of the best right tackles in the league until he switched positions but Sewell is likely going to take his place.

Being one of the best offensive lineman on the planet has its benefits, but if Sewel wants a creamsicle he’s going to have to buy one like the rest of us.

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