Updated 2024 Tampa Bay Buccaneers draft picks after trading Carlton Davis III

Tampa Bay received a third rounder while trading two picks away.

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All was mostly quiet on the free agent front for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday, but they still managed to make a splash.

In addition to giving new deals to Chase McLaughlin and Greg Gaines, the Buccaneers released Russell Gage and traded Carlton Davis III to the Detroit Lions. That last one is big, as the Bucs not only created extra cap space over the next two years but got a Day 2 pick back.

The downside, of course, is that Davis is one of the team's top cornerbacks. He had a rough few seasons, specifically last year when he was an outright liability at times, but when he was healthy Davis ranked among the bst corners in the league.

He's going to try and get back to that level with the Lions, while the Bucs move off his contract and into the future with an additional draft pick.

Updated 2024 Tampa Bay Buccaneers draft picks after trading Carlton Davis III

It was a multi-pick swap between the Bucs and Lions with both teams dipping into a bit of a surplus. Detroit sent back the No. 92 pick in this year's draft, which was one of two picks the team had in the third round.

Here's a look at the updated draft pick Tampa Bay has after trading Carlton Davis to the Lions:

















The Bucs traded away the No. 204 pick -- which was a sixth rounder -- as part of the deal. Next year's sixth rounder is also headed to Detroit, but getting a third round pick this year will be huge given how things are playing out in free agency.

One key area the Buccaneers need to upgrade is offensive line, which just so happens to be a rather expensive position this year. The Bucs have likely been priced out of the market, and most of the top guys are gone anyway, which means Jason Licht might be motivated to look at this year's draft class to help fix things upfront.

Finding some secondary help just became something the Bucs need to do as well. Davis was the team's second-best cornerback, and the draft could be a place Tampa Bay looks to get younger while potentially upgrading as well.

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