What time does Amazon Black Friday game start today?

It’s the start of a new annual football tradition.

Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders
Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

There’s an old saying baseball that goes let’s play two. The NFL is taking a page of that book with its plan to completely dominate the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

We used to only get a pair of games on Thanksgiving, with only the Cowboys and Lions playing games on the holiday. In the last decade the NFL has not only expanded the number of teams that play on Thanksgiving but the number of days the league is giving folks sitting at home something to watch.

This year marks the first Black Friday game, part of the league’s rich deal with Amazon to stream exclusive games throughout the season. Amazon Prime has taken over Thursday Night Football over the past two seasons and it took more time than it probably should for the retail giant to link football and shopping together.

Usually the NFL stays away from Fridays to not step on the toes of high school programs around the country. Money talks, though, and Amazon streaming a game on the biggest shopping day of the year made too much sense to pass up.

What time does Amazon Prime Black Friday NFL game start today?

As long as Amazon has the rights to stream NFL games we’re probably going to get an annual Black Friday game. From a consumerism standpoint it’s a perfect marriage but we’ll see what toll it takes on the bodies of players who are already against the idea of normalizing short weeks with Thursday night games.

Hopefully the way the first matchup panned out isn’t an omen of how the new Black Friday game will go. Originally it was scheduled to be a massive matchup between the high-flying Miami Dolphins and the Aaron Rodgers-led New York Jets. Those teams are still playing, but the shine has been rubbed off a little with the loss of Rodgers to an injury and the Jets generally being not great this year.

Instead of going up against Rodgers in a game to potentially decide the AFC East winner, the Dolphins get a backup quarterback in a game they’re favored in by almost double digits. Not exactly what Amazon thought it was buying but there’s a strict no-returns policy.

Here’s everything you need to know to catch the first ever Black Friday game:

  • Date: Friday, November 24, 2023
  • Start Time: 3:00pm ET | 2:00pm CT
  • Location: East Rutherford, NJ
  • Stadium: MetLife Stadium
  • TV Channel: N/A
  • Live Stream: Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime football schedule 2023

We still have a handful of Thursday Night Football games ahead of us after Black Friday, with a few intriguing matchups on the schedule.

For the most part, Amazon’s slate of games is objectively ‘meh’ but there are a few games that could get interesting depending on the playoff picture. By far the best game Amazon has left is next Thursday when the Seattle Seahawks and Dallas Cowboys play a game that will have a massive impact on the playoff race in the NFC.

Seattle’s loss to San Francisco puts them firmly in the Wild Card chase, which means the Bucs might want to keep an eye on how things play out since there’s still an outside chance Tampa Bay sneaks into one of those last few seeds.

Other matchups like the Saints-Rams could be of interest to Bucs fans since the NFC South title seems like the clearest path to the playoffs this year.

Here’s a look at the remaining TNF games on Amazon Prime this season:



Week 2

Eagles 34, Vikings 28

Week 3

49ers 30, Giants 12

Week 4

Lions 34, Packers 20

Week 5

Bears 40, Commanders 20

Week 6

Chiefs 19, Broncos 8

Week 7

Jaguars 31, Saints 24

Week 8

Bills 24, Buccaneers 18

Week 9

Steelers 20, Titans 16

Week 10

Bears 16, Panthers 13

Week 11

Ravens 34, Bengals 20

Week 12 (Black Friday)

Jets vs. Dolphins

Week 13 (Nov. 30th)

Cowboys vs. Seahawks

Week 14 (Dec. 7th)

Steelers vs. Patriots

Week 15 (Dec. 14th)

Raiders vs. Chargers

Week 16 (Dec. 21st)

Rams vs. Saints

Week 17 (Dec. 28th)

Browns vs. Jets

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