Super Bowl 2013: Last Minute Links and Game Information


Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Here at the Pewter Plank, we are excited and ready for the final game of the 2012-2013 NFL season. As we get ready to watch the Baltimore Ravens take on the San Francisco 49ers, here are some links to thinks that may be of use to you during the big game:

CBS Sports Live Stream: This free, legal live stream will provide you with all the action, straight to your computer! Included will be all advertisements, so you can keep up on the funniest Super Bowl commercials, too! The in-game action will include an All-22 Camera,which is great for football fans looking to get a better view of the action. You can even watch how badly Ray Lewis gets outrun on outside rushing plays! (I had to get a jab in somewhere.)’s Super Bowl Commercials Headquarters: The NFL will be keeping tabs on all the funniest, smartest, and best commercials on their website, so be sure to keep an eye out. It will be updating during the event, and allowing you to give your feedback on what spots you liked, and which ones missed the mark.

The Casual Fan’s Super Bowl Guide: also has this great feature that you may want to tweet or email or text to your friend who has no idea what’s going on, and is just at your place for the nachos and the big screen. They might find something interesting to talk about, or at least have something to read while everyone else is watching the game.

Foreign Language Broadcasts: On the off chance that you or one of your friends isn’t a native English speaker, you can hook them up with a radio feed of the game in their own language. Something to consider, in case your Hungarian friend wants to keep up with the big game!

Fansided’s Super Bowl Drinking Game: Are you the type who enjoys taking a sip or two of an adult beverage on Super Bowl Night? Don’t you fret! We have just the excuse to get your drink on. Feel free to add your own rules, just in case you have more drink than you do friends.

The Pewter Plank’s Prop Bets Pick’em: Want to have a game amongst your friend that doesn’t have to include drinking? (It still could, up to you!) Have a prop bet pool! Use our prop bets pick’em and quiz your friends as to what they think, and school them with your superior knowledge! Game Center: The Game Center should be your companion for every NFL game. If you’ve never checked it out before, try it for the Super Bowl. It gives up to the date stats, and posts highlights shortly after they happen, so you can relive any moments you liked, or go back and see the play you missed while you grabbed a plate full of chicken wings.

It’s almost time for the big game, so be sure you’re ready. The Pewter Plank will be on Twitter during the game giving our take on the events and commercials, and we’ll also be checking the comments section here for your thoughts, predictions, and input!