Mark Dominik is Confident that Darrelle Revis Will Be Healthy and Happy With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Warren Sapp made headlines this week with his comments on Darrelle Revis and his perceived selfishness. Sapp told the Tampa Tribune that Revis was selfish, whereas he and Derrick Brooks were all about the team.

Never mind the fact that Derrick Brooks held out for an extension in 2001, because what Sapp said is common among the media and some fans. There is a concern that Revis is a diva and will hold out because no amount of money is good enough for him.

There is also a concern that Revis will never be the “real Darrelle Revis” again, because his knee injury will hold him back. An ACL injury is certainly a major blow for a player as athletic as Revis, and with all the backpedaling and cutting a corner has to do, it’s reasonable to think he may have some lasting negative effects of this injury.

Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Dominik doesn’t believe any of this nonsense, however. The Buccaneers’ GM joined Mike Florio on Pro Football Talk and expressed his confidence that Revis would be healthy for week one, and happy through year six now that he is officially a Tampa Bay Buccaneer.

"“Everything’s on the right track in fact.  I’m confident he will walk out the first day of training camp with pads on and go do work, so we’ll be smart with him. . . .  Much like Adrian Clayborn had an ACL about the same week that Darrelle did, and we’re encouraged by where he’s at and expect him to be ready Week One as well.”"

This should come without much surprise. The knee injury for Revis was probably the number one concern for the Buccaneers as trade talks persevered over the past couple of months, and so the Bucs’ medical staff did their homework once they got access to MRI’s and other medical information on the All-Pro cornerback.

As for the hold out talk? Rubbish, says Dominik. Mark told PFT that Revis would be one of the highest paid players in football from day one, a price tag fitting his role as the shutdown corner for the team. He then added this bit of wisdom that Buccaneer fans can use to defend against those who believe Revis is due to holdout:

"This isn’t one of those more traditional contracts where . . . in year four or five he’s down to four or six million dollars in [base salary], he stays at 16 [million] consistently.  So there’s no big signing bonus at the front where the player forgets about it in year four or five and says ‘I’m underpaid,’"

Mark Dominik sets up his contracts in such a way where players get paid every year rather than adding in absurd bonuses at the front of deals that lead to dead money and lower annual salary. Revis will make 16 million dollars every year over the course of his contract. That is something very few other players in professional sports can say. Plus, living and working in Florida, Revis will receive the added benefit all Floridians are lucky to receive as he will pay less in taxes, as Florida does not have a state income tax.

Darrelle Revis was regarded as a locker room leader and someone who was respected by his peers in New York. When he got to Tampa Bay, he was humbled by his new team giving him a standing ovation in the locker room when he stopped by to tour the facility and meet the team. Rumors of him being selfish are based on his holdout, not on his teammates’ or league-mates’ opinions of him.

So if you are concerned about Revis because of his knee or his wallet, know that the Buccaneers’ GM is putting his job on the line, banking on Revis staying healthy and happy in red and pewter. And based on the homework he’s done about the knee, and the wisdom he’s shown in regards to the contract, Dominik definitely put his money where his mouth is. I have been extremely impressed by Dominik this offseason and the offseason of 2012, and I am beginning to wonder where the man who gave Michael Clayton a contract extension has gone. He’s clearly no longer at One Buc Place, that’s for sure.