Tampa Bay Buccaneers Power Rankings: Ranking The Best Players on the Bucs’ Roster – Week 2


Sep 15, 2013; Tampa, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback Darrelle Revis (24) reacts during introductions prior to the game against the New Orleans Saints at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The top five players in this week’s edition of the Buccaneers’ Power Rankings all play defense. This should not be surprising as the defense has carried the Buccaneers’ lackluster offense to two come from behind fourth quarters, only to see the lead tragically slip away.

The biggest gainer this week goes to Demar Dotson followed closely by Dekoda Watson. Josh Freeman continues to fall, as does Da’Quan Bowers. But the biggest drop goes to Mike Williams, as he simply can’t stay away from the killer penalties.

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1Gerald McCoyYet again, shows his dominance play after play.
2Darrelle RevisThe island is back. Once his conditioning returns fully, he’ll rise up one more.↑1
3Lavonte DavidTwo weeks, two dominant games. Poor guy is going to have to deal with that play for a while though↑4
4Mason FosterThat pick six was out of this world. Should have been a game winner too.↑1
5Dashon GoldsonKeep your head up. We need Goldson out on the field. He’s a leader, and it shows.↓1
6Vincent JacksonHis big play that would have kept him in the top five was called back. Mike’s fall shows it.↓4
7Doug MartinHe’s back. Muscle Hamster was excellent against the Saints. Wish they gave him one more carry on 4th and 3↑3
8Mark BarronNot his best game, but he gets a break for having to deal with Graham all day.
9Donald PennBack to back solid performances, but unfortunately until Freeman gets going, Penn’s ranking is going to suffer.↓3
10Carl NicksWelcome back. Now let’s see him get through a whole game.↓1
11Dekoda WatsonSurprisingly having a solid start to the year. He’s no Foster or David, but he’s very good.↑5
12Adrian ClaybornMade the second biggest play of the day, but was called for hitting too hard.↑3
13Josh FreemanCome on man. Let’s go. QB should not be number 13.↓2
14Akeem SpenceLooks like a seasoned vet out there, rather than the rookie that he is.↓2
15Demar DotsonExcellent game against the Saints. Best performance he’s had as a starter.↑6
16Jeremy ZuttahStill showing up well in run blocking.↓2
17Jonathan CasillasPlays well on special teams and plays well when on the defense. Can’t ask for much more.
18Davin JosephStill not sure he’s quite back to old form. We need him to get there.
19Leonard JohnsonPoor guy will keep getting picked on and picked on. He’s holding up alright, but that Colston play was killer.
20Johnthan BanksSimilar to Johnson, he’s going to be targeted, he’s doing fine with it so far.
21Mike WilliamsPenalties, penalties, penalties. He’s a WR, this has to stop.↓8
22Gabe CarimiNot doing the worst job, but I hope to see him out of here as Nicks returns.↑1
23Da’Quan BowersStill not there. Where did all that raw talent go?↑1
24Ahmad BlackStupid penalty changed everything. He played very well on defense and special teams all game.↑1
25Kevin OgletreeTouchdown is the only reason he’s here. Was useless the rest of the afternoon.↑1