Jameis Winston Doesn’t Go to Drake Concert Without Studying Film First


Last week, Jameis Winston retweeted this tweet from Blue Jays outfielder Jose Bautista.

This quote from the great Bob Cousy is definitely something to live by, but when it comes to all things Winston, actions speak louder than words. And the Tampa Bay Buccaneers franchise quarterback is two steps ahead. Take a look at this Instagram video from one of his friends before they went to Drake concert later that night.

If you listened to the Move the Sticks podcast by the NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah on Winston, then seeing this video isn’t all that surprising. Jeremiah discovered that the former Seminoles quarterback would always find time to look at game film in an effort to get better. Here’s one excerpt from the episode:

"“When he would go on baseball trips, he would take his iPad, go to the football office, load up his iPad with video and then take it on road trips, watch tape on the bus, in hotels, airplanes, however they were traveling. And he got a lot of football stuff done while he was playing baseball and this is something he [Winston] confirmed. When I asked him about it at the Combine, he said ‘yes.’ In fact, he said they’re able to log the time, the program, when you’re watching tape, logs how much time you’ve watched and he said, ‘Even into the spring while I was playing baseball, no one watched more film than I did.’”"

Making accurate throws and correct reads out on the field is a big part of being a successful quarterback, but it’s moments like this one that can separate the good QBs from those who are trying to be great. We have heard from teammates that Jameis is putting in the work to get better, but it’s great to see that Winston is trying to do his best when (he thinks) no one is watching.

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