Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Mike Evans out for remainder of Preseason


Second-year wideout Mike Evans was taken out in the first half of the Buccaneers 25-11 victory over the Bengals on Monday Night Football because of a hamstring injury. Evans didn’t have any receptions before leaving the game, but he was targeted on a deep ball after he beat his man and probably would have scored had Jameis Winston not overthrown him.

Lovie Smith spoke to the media on Tuesday and broke the news that he would be holding Mike Evans out for the remainder of the 2015 Preseason. With only five days to get ready for another game, the Bucs have to take special precautions. Evans missed two games last year due to a hamstring injury, so I’m sure Coach Smith is keeping that in mind.

“You guys know how I am about the hamstring,” Smith said. “It takes a while.”

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Playing just five days after tweaking a hamstring would be tough for anyone, and it’s just preseason so I wouldn’t make too much of this decision.

Many starters sit out the final preseason game no matter their health status, so Evans missing the final game shouldn’t be a big deal either.

Let’s hope that the injury isn’t too serious and that Coach Smith doesn’t feel like he has to hold Evans out of the season opener that’s just 18 days away. He kept telling the media that he is very cautious about hamstring injuries and he wouldn’t rush anything.

“He injured his hamstring, so he’s gonna be out a while,” Smith said. “We’ll take every precaution with hamstrings, always, with me.”

It’s good to know that Evans won’t be rushed back and be put at risk for further injury, but the Bucs need Evans once the season starts, there’s no question about that.

Another thing to think about is the chemistry between Evans and Winston. They haven’t connected at all this preseason, so another game to get in sync would have been beneficial for both.

Winston will definitely be playing Saturday night, and could even go into the second half. Coach Smith didn’t give any clues to playing time, but it’s not uncommon for teams to run their starters deep in the third preseason game.

For now, Bucs fans can be glad that this preseason hasn’t taken out too many Bucs. If Evans has to miss time in the regular season that would be a big blow, but right now there’s no reason to believe that he won’t be ready week 1 against the Titans.

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