Buccaneers’ Most Hated Man Tournament: Round One, Game Five


The Buccaneers have a history with a lot of highs, and a lot of lows. There have been many players, coaches, and front office people that the fans hate.  We continue now to choose the most hated.

Over the last forty seasons, the Buccaneers have given their fans a lot of memories that would be better considered as nightmares.  Poor on-field performances, bad coaching, and much more.  There have been some strong performances, even a Super Bowl win.  But a still greater number of personalities that Bucs Nation hates to this day.

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But who do the fans hate the most? “Bucs’ Most Hated Man” rolls on!  Here comes gave five of the first round:

Mitchell & Ness Tampa Bay Buccaneers Basic Vintage
Mitchell & Ness Tampa Bay Buccaneers Basic Vintage /

In one corner, we have Alvin Harper! Here is a guy that came to the Bucs with a great deal of expectations. He came off of winning championships with the Dallas Cowboys, performing as Michael Irvin‘s partner on the outside. In five years with the Cowboys, Harper averaged 20 yards per catch, and scored 18 times.

The Bucs felt he could be the number one receiver that they had been looking for, and signed Harper to a free agent contract worth $10.66 million over four years. In his first year with Tampa, Harper caught less than half of his targets for a mere 633 yards and two touchdowns. In 1994, his final year with Dallas, he posted over 800 yards and eight touchdowns. It got worse after 1995, and Harper was gone from football. However, he was not forgotten by Bucs’ fans everywhere.

And in this corner, we have Aqib Talib! Broncos’ fans like this guy a lot as do Patriots’ fans. Tampa Bay fans, not so much. Oh, he played well for the Bucs’. After being drafted number 20 overall in the 2008 NFL draft, Talib recorded 18 interceptions in 4+ years in Tampa, including three returned for touchdowns. He could have been terrific for the Bucs for years after.

The problems weren’t as much on the field as they were off of it. Starting right away at the rookie symposium, Talib ran into legal trouble. He faced several arrests over the years in Tampa, culminating in a felony warrant being issued for Talib in the state of Texas in 2011. The charges were eventually dismissed, but this was on a long list of problems.

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He also faced drug suspensions, and coming out of a four game suspension in 2012, the Bucs traded the troubled corner to New England. What did he do there? Go on to the promised land, and then move to Denver and do the same.

So which of these two do you hate more, Bucs Nation?

You know what to do, you have two days to vote. Have at it!