Buccaneers 2017 NFL Draft Profile: WR Mike Williams

The Buccaneers’ staff knew with the decline of Vincent Jackson that soon they will need a new number two. Mike Williams is just that man and more, so let’s take a look.

Another game, another day of force feeding Mike Evans. Opposing teams know coming into the day that Jameis Winston will consistently look to throw to his monster target. Evans is one great receiver, and not too long from now… he will be considered to be the best ever to play that position for the Buccaneers.

Unfortunately, this is no secret. We know it, they know it, the whole world knows it. Evans is the real deal. Any good defensive coordinator will bait our franchise quarterback into those forced throws, hence Wade Phillips and the Denver Broncos. For a team looking to turn the corner, we cannot rely on just one good receiver.

The career of our beloved Vincent Jackson is coming to an end. Unless the Bucs decide to pay the 34-year-old injury prone receiver for another year, you can expect to see some much-needed attention focused into the draft.

The 2017 wide receiver draft class has some talent, but after the first two names there is a significant drop off. Mike Williams and JuJu Schuster Smith are the top two prospects and the NFL community has kept a close eye on both throughout their careers. The argument remains which one of these young men will hear their names called first, but frankly Mike Williams has the edge.

Williams is a home run of a pick if he is able to live up to his potential. Great hands, great vision, this 22-year-old looks the part of the next big thing.

It is evident throughout the film that Williams really does have an x-factor. His superior hands, length, speed, and route running ability screams to teams in need of a number one receiver. Thankfully the Bucs already have that settled, and to have a man like Williams opposite of Evans would be a tandem that could be one of the best in the league.

Williams’ numbers are something also to take note of.



To play as a true freshman along side Sammy Watkins and Martavis Bryant, while racking up 316 yards with three touchdowns says something. Dabo Swinney knew he had something special once Williams arrived on campus, and that was evident in his 2014 season.

Unfortunately, Williams suffered a serious neck injury during his junior season which sidelined him for the year. This has been the one knock against his draft status that NFL teams were focused on. Just how serious was it? Is there going to be a long-term problem? The answer is… no.

Williams has said that having that year off made him better in a recent interview with SBNation. “I took the time to read defenses, I know a lot more now. It’s easy now.”  Even with a career threatening injury, Williams was focused on when he could come back… and that says a great deal about him as a player.

Clemson has been known to have some of the best receivers come out of their program. DeAndre Hopkins, Sammy Watkins, Martavis Bryant…  and Adam Humphries (lol) to name a few. Mike Williams is just the next in line.

Dirk Koetter has preached about culture change, drafting a true winner like Williams could help accomplish that. Imagine this man across from Mike Evans. Corners can not cover Williams alone, and they definitely cannot cover Evans alone. This would open the door to many options in Dirk Koetter’s offense and help limit Winston’s turnovers. Not to mention Williams provides a much-needed speedy deep ball threat that we have all itched for.

Williams is by FAR my personal favorite for the Bucs in this year’s upcoming draft. If the Bucs are looking to finally solve their wide receiver issue, do not be surprised to hear his name called.

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