Buccaneers: Lots of work to be done to reach expectations

There are a lot of experts high on the Buccaneers for 2017, but there’s still plenty of work to be done to reach – or exceed – expectations.

I’m as high as anyone on this year’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Another year in Koetter’s system for Jameis Winston, Mike Smith being retained as defensive coordinator, the fire power added to the offense. The list goes on and on.

But they have to get it done on the field.

I’m still skeptical about the running back situation but it appears as though – on the surface – Doug Martin has the right mind set and is motivated to return to Pro Bowl form.

Again, it has to get done on the field.

Dirk Koetter is not one to mince words or give any “coach speak” so to say. He knows what the expectations are, but he also knows these guys are competing against one another with no pads, no contact, and no pressure;

“We have so much more to do. We’re three practices in shorts in. I think the main thing for our team is we’ve got to keep working. Everybody’s telling us how great we are right now and we haven’t done a damn thing. We haven’t done anything. No one cares about last year, no one cares about the guys. There’s 31 other teams that got better. There’s plenty of mistakes out there every single day the coaches are correcting. I’d say we’re nowhere close to where we need to be.”

For many fans – and likely the players and coaches – this season is playoffs or bust. The natural progression of what we’ve seen from the Bucs over the last two seasons means this team is knocking on the door of not only appearing in the postseason but winning the NFC South. How big of a step forward can they take?

Ten or eleven wins isn’t out of the questions by any means, but the competition within the division became much stiffer and the non-division opponents are no slouches when you look at playing the Giants and Patriots within five days of each other as well as a late season trip to Lambeau FIeld.

The talent is there. The coaching is there. The passion, desire, leadership, brotherhood – they’re all there.

But, the Buccaneers have to get it done on the field.