2017 Buccaneers fantasy forecast: WR, Mike Evans

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TAMPA, FL – DECEMBER 06: Vincent Jackson
TAMPA, FL – DECEMBER 06: Vincent Jackson /

Key Additions and Losses

With all the new faces on the Bucs offense, just how will they impact Evans and his fantasy football stock?


WR, DeSean Jackson

WR, Chris Godwin

RB, Jeremy McNichols

TE, O.J. Howard


WR, Vincent Jackson

RB, Doug Martin (Suspended 3-Games)


There’s a fine line for teams like the Bucs when adding talent to their offense.

Get too many players and there won’t be enough passes to spread around. Don’t get enough and you end up with a one-dimensional offense which good defenses easily contain.

In 2017, it looks like the Bucs may have found the perfect balance.

Wide receiver DeSean Jackson is going to be huge, and huge for everyone involved. Winston’s numbers should get better and so should Evans’.

Evans has had three straight 1,000-yard seasons, but has yet to eclipse 100-receptions in a single season.

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This should end in 2017. Bottom line, Evans won’t be losing enough targets to really impact this area. However, the throws headed his way should come in less congested coverage, which means his long arms and tall frame will be even more effective against defenders.

Another area which should benefit from the involvement of Jackson is yards after catch.

Currently, Evans is thought of as a “catch and fall” type of player. One who rarely turns up field for much more than a couple of extra yards after hauling in a pass.

This season will give him a chance to shed this label though, and I for one am looking forward to seeing him attack the field a little more.

Finally, I’m predicting a career high in touchdown receptions this season with at least 13 scores brought in by Evans.

How? Well, in part because of O.J. Howard. Having Howard and Cameron Brate lined up inside the red zone will draw linebacker and safety attention away from Evans.

In fact, going with two tight ends and three receivers gives the Bucs a shot at getting him isolated by himself.

Jump ball heaven equals fantasy football goldmine for those lucky enough to grab him.

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So now for the down side.

There are doubts about the Bucs’ running game, and anytime a team doesn’t have a good running game, defenses can afford a few extra assets committed to the pass.

Doug Martin is suspended for the first three games this year, and if his absence leads to a stalling of the backfield, then the entire receiving corps will find their jobs a bit harder.

Also, the absence of Vincent Jackson shouldn’t be understated. When Evans joined the league, he had Jackson there to help teach him the ways of surviving in the NFL.

His absence this year officially ushers in Evans as “the man”. Where he’s been the top target for a couple of years now on the field, he’s now the most established Buc on the roster as well.

This is a big role, and we’ll have to see how the new responsibility improves or detracts from his performances.