Buccaneers: Anquan Boldin would make a great fit in the offense

DETROIT, MI - DECEMBER 11: Anquan Boldin
DETROIT, MI - DECEMBER 11: Anquan Boldin /

The Buccaneers would be well-served bringing in Anquan Boldin.

The Buccaneers are readying themselves to display a special offense. Jameis Winston is heading into year number three, typically the year a quarterback makes a big jump. Winston is blessed with all kinds of weapons on the outside to take this team to the next level. DeSean Jackson is here to team up with Mike Evans. O.J. Howard is ready to play alongside Cameron Brate. This team has unbelievable potential.

Anquan Boldin sits unsigned by his previous team, the Lions, or any other team for that matter. Nearly 14,000 receiving yards to his credit and he remains an available free agent as training camp opens. Hopefully Jason Licht and Dirk Koetter are paying attention. Bringing in and signing Boldin to the Bucs would be a smart idea. He would make a great fit.

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First off, it sounds like the geography might work for Boldin. Sources close to him told the Detroit Free Press that he would like to play close to Florida. If he wants to play close to Florida, you can’t get much closer than being actually in Florida.

Keep in mind the situation with the Bucs offense as well. Specifically I am talking about the run game. Do we really have a feel for it? We don’t, do we? Unfortunately we just don’t know where the yards are going to come from. We don’t know what Doug Martin is going to look like, if Jacquizz Rodgers can give us sustained success, or if anyone else is ready to jump in and take over.

The point is that this team is going to be a passing team, despite what the coaching staff might tell us. They are going to be a team that hurts you through the air first. Adding a consistent weapon like Boldin only makes them better.

Normally I wouldn’t advocate for a 36-year-old wide receiver, but Boldin is different. He is not showing any signs of being finished. He may not have eclipsed 600 receiving yards last year for Detroit, but he did 67 passes and lead the team with eight touchdowns. Boldin is an able-bodied red zone target, even at 36 years old.

The Bucs are a team set to win now. This team is ready to end their playoff drought and make a run. That is exactly the type of team that would make a fit for an older player like Boldin. Boldin would provide another option, one with very good hands that can put touchdowns on the board. He wouldn’t unseat Evans or Jackson by any stretch. He would provide options, and options equal danger to opponents.

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I mean, down deep in opponent’s territory, wouldn’t you be intimidated by Evans, Jackson, Boldin, Brate and Howard all being out together? If I was a defensive coordinator I would be.