Buccaneers: DeSean Jackson “saving it for the regular season”


Buccaneers receiver DeSean Jackson isn’t going to go all out to make plays until September.

There’s a reason many fans hate preseason games. They hate watching them, hate that they’re too “vanilla”, and – as season ticket holders – hate they have to pay full price for them. And it’s for reasons illustrated perfectly by Buccaneers receiver DeSean Jackson.

For those headed to any of the Bucs preseason games, go ahead and assume you won’t see any big down-field plays from Jameis Winston to Jackson in those four contests. Instead, bank on them to be chomping at the bit to do that in September when they travel to Miami. Preseason is a necessary evil, but Jackson goes about it his own way;

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"“I’m going to save my plays for the regular season when it counts. But, obviously preseason is something we have to go through. I’m sure we’ll get some reps, get some plays in there. Not try to show too much because we’re expecting a big year this year, come out and light it up September 10th. So as far as preseason, it will definitely be good to get out there and get some play timing down. Getting everything we’ve been working on out versus somebody else.”"

I, for one, love watching preseason games. The key to enjoying them is take them for what they are; an opportunity to see guys try to make a football team. Don’t watch them with the same expectations you do on a Sunday in October or November. Enjoy them for seeing guys you may never hear of again go all out to make plays and get noticed by the coaches.

DeSean Jackson does not fall into that category.

We know what DeSean can do, what he’s capable of doing, and what we can expect him to do come the regular season. If he has a catch that he can bust off for a long touchdown, great. If not, I’m not one to complain about the “quality” of the game because the big name players aren’t in for very long or aren’t making splash plays.

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All that really matters is that Jackson, and the rest of the starters, make it out of preseason healthy and ready to whoop up on the Dolphins come September 10.