Buccaneers: Hard Knocks episode two recap

Roberto Aguayo, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)
Roberto Aguayo, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images) /

The second episode of Hard Knocks with the Buccaneers is in the books, and we’re back for another recap. If you missed last weeks, check it out here.

We are now into the third week of Buccaneers training camp, and the second episode of HBO’s Hard Knocks. Among many things, a week of heated practices, the debut of a certain massive group of Buccaneer fans, the intense release of a certain kicker, and the most famous wife of a Buccaneer player ever, were all captured by the cameras for our viewing pleasure.

Oh, and don’t let me forget: we got actual, live football! It didn’t count, and the Bucs lost, but the game against Cincinnati was a welcome sight regardless as a football fan. Hard Knocks did what they do best and captured the game from angles on both the sideline and the field. We’ll go over all of that in the recap, followed by the weekly superlatives.

The episode begins with several players and defensive line coach Jay Hayes decrying the heat. A short montage, followed by head coach Dirk Koetter ringing out his team for a lack of life in practice. Enter credits! (Am I the only one with the Hard Knocks theme stuck in my head all week after these episodes?)

The Stick Carriers make their national debut as Jameis Winston runs out on to the practice field. Chants for Jameis Winston ring out, and Jameis raises the arm of fellow quarterback Ryan Griffin. The Stick Carriers oblige, and chant for Ryan Griffin.

Pat Kirwin interviews Dirk Koetter about Roberto Aguayo and Nick Folk, and here we go. The storyline of the episode begins and we see a field goal competition. Chris Baker hilariously narrates the competition and holds nothing back.

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DeSean Jackson and Mike Evans debate about LeBron James. When DeSean mentions LeBron needing to leave teams to get a championship, Evans quips back “so did you though”. Touche, Mike, touche.

Arguably the most famous referee of all time, Ed Hochuli, addresses an auditorium of Buccaneer players and goes over some film of what is and isn’t legal. Gerald McCoy later quizzes Hochuli on legal celebrations, and then we’re given an up close look at McCoy dominating practice.

Our first up-close look at Brent Grimes, who’s lauded by teammates and the front office for his ridiculous play-making despite age and size. After some practice highlights, we’re introduced to guess who: Miko Grimes! It was only a matter of time, and she was just as fun as you’d imagine.

Jameis Winston warns fellow quarterback Sefo Liufau that players in the NFL can be cut at any time.

A scary moment as Brent Grimes’ leg is sliced open by a cleat; he’s carted off the field and will miss a portion of the pre-season.

Gerald McCoy’s nerd cave is shown, and as a nerd myself I can confirm that it is an astounding place. It has its own bar, labeled the “Hero Bar”, and a life-size statue of Batman. McCoy discusses his desire to be punched extremely hard by a super hero some day.

The Buccaneers arrive in Cincinnati, and Riley “Joe Dirt” Bullough sits down at a table in the hotel with his mother and father. His mother believes Riley looks more like Fabio than Joe Dirt.

Game time! Jameis Winston reminds his teammates that he has their backs, and in warm-ups Chris Baker once again narrates practice kicks by Nick Folk. Mike Evans compliments the cleats of A.J. Green.

The game kicks off and the Buccaneer offense is put into focus as they march down the field but ultimately fail to score after two fades to Mike Evans miss the mark. The Buccaneer defense is put into focus next, and we see Vernon Hargreaves’ impressive red zone interception.

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The excruciating demise of Roberto Aguayo begins on screen as Aguayo misses an extra point.  Folk later makes his kick.

At half-time Ryan Fitzpatrick offers sage advice to the much younger Jameis Winston: hot dogs can be found back in the trainers room. After the break, Ryan Griffin is put into focus as he takes a beating from the Cincy defense, ultimately resulting in an injured shoulder.

The star of Riley Bullough grows as he makes several plays with his parents watching in the stands.

Roberto Aguayo misses what will be his final kick as a Buccaneer, and the game is over. After a brief introduction to Nick Folk’s family, we’re shown the aftermath of Roberto’s final missed kick. Dirk Koetter and Jason Licht talk the situation over in Koetter’s office, and the inevitable decision is made to move on to Aguayo. The now-former Buccaneer kicker understands the decision but is noticeably emotional. Aguayo cleans out his locker and says his goodbyes as the episode comes to an end.

Quote of the week

"“Hey Fitz, what was it like playing versus Bart Starr?”"

Offensive lineman Evan Smith, referencing the age of quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Play of the week

Mike Evans does his best Mike Evans impression, snagging a contested ball from Jameis Winston deep down the sideline.

Battle of the week

Ryan Griffin and Jameis Winston versus Ryan Fitzpatrick and Sefo Liufau in an epic match of ping pong. Fitz and Sefo won.

Winner of the week

Kicker Nick Folk has survived the battle of the kickers, making him this weeks’ clear winner. Head coach Dirk Koetter hasn’t ruled out the teams’ kicker still not being on the roster, so Folk’s no guarantee to remain the winner.

Cut of the week

Who else could it be? Roberto Aguayo will more than likely be the biggest name to be cut from the Bucs this entire off-season, and Hard Knocks was sure to capitalize on the drama.

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What’d you think about the episode, Buccaneer fans? What were your favorite scenes, and what did you think about the release of Aguayo? Sound off in the comments, and be sure to come back next week for the third episode recap.