Buccaneers 2020 Draft: The best way to use 2020 comp. pick

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers appear to be in a spot to receive a compensatory fourth-round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. Here is how they can best use it.

The departure of Kwon Alexander this past offseason looked like it would take a toll on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Fortunately for the team, Devin White looks to be a great replacement and the Bucs are also in line to get a compensatory pick in this upcoming draft.

The Bucs are likely going to get a fourth-round pick to try to fill the void of Alexander, and while it is not a top-tier pick, it can still make a big difference in 2020.

The Buccaneers will likely fill their biggest holes in the first three rounds and this pick will get the most value if the Bucs focus on positions outside of the offensive and defensive line (as they should be addressed early on) and they should also avoid the secondary as well.

The Buccaneers do not need to spend another draft pick on their secondary as they already have a very young group that should be given a chance after a full year under Todd Bowles.

With both lines and the secondary off the table, the Buccaneers have a narrowed scope on what they should use the pick on.

The fourth round seems a little too high to draft a running back as the talent is just as deep in round five or six and the team already has Ronald Jones. The Buccaneers could use this pick to replace Breshad Perriman if he signs elsewhere but the Bucs also have a young receiver corps.

When it’s all said and done, the Buccaneers would likely be wise to spend this pick on a linebacker to provide defensive depth.

Coverage linebacker is an important position but not one that necessitates a first or second-round draft pick all the time (contrary to what the Bucs did last season). There is often depth for these players in the draft and starters could be found in later rounds quite easily.

For example, look at players like Matt Milano and Blake Cashman for the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets respectively. Both were drafted in the fifth round of their drafts yet are still starting-caliber talent. Players of this talent level could be a good fit for the Buccaneers down the road when Lavonte David retires.

The Bucs do need to start preparing for a future without Lavonte David even though it is still likely two or three years away. David would be the perfect linebacker to train younger replacements and the fourth round of the draft would be a good place to start looking.

In addition to coverage linebackers, the Bucs could also use depth at outside linebacker to give depth to their pass rush.

Pass rushers tend to come off the board a little earlier and in higher quantities than coverage linebackers but the Bucs could take a chance on a player in this round with their additional pick.

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Regardless, the needs of the Buccaneers going into this draft are not as pressing as one would think. The Bucs would be wise to find a player that will be a part of their future, even if they are not ready to start full time in 2020.

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