Bucs rumors: New jersey designs may have finally leaked


The long wait for the new jerseys for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers may finally be over and they look to be a substantial improvement on the current design.

While most fans of the Buccaneers thought that they would have to wait several months to finally see what the new jersey designs would look like, Paul Lukas of uni-watch.com reported today that he has seen the new uniforms and was able to provide recreated visuals.

The months of rumors have seemingly come to an end as many fans have hoped for a return to something closer to the older designs.

While the creamsicle doesn’t appear to be a part of the new designs, Bucs fans should be happy that an improvement was made if these designs are proper representations of the actual jerseys.

For those who have not yet seen the designs, you can check them out at the link above or at the following tweet from Lukas himself.

The first impression is that the jerseys do look very similar to the Super Bowl era threads.

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The new red jerseys with the pewter pants are a nice upgrade over the current red jerseys. The pewter has been scrapped from the shoulders in favor of a much more monochromatic design.

The pants for this design are gray with the red stripe down the middle as an almost exact copy from the early 2000s.

This design is infinitely better than the current one. The pewter shoulders with the red body just doesn’t work well together in the way that the colors are currently configured and the new design fixes that problem while also staying true to the team colors.

As far as the whites are concerned, these are also a massive improvement over the pewter and white designs that the team currently uses.

The Bucs have pivoted away from this current look that also utilizes pewter on the shoulders to one that is all white with red accents. This look feels like a modern take on the older designs that had a white jersey with pewter pants.

The all-whites are a much cleaner look and are some of the cooler jerseys that the Bucs have put out in years.

The helmets appear to be staying the same-pewter with the team logo on the sides. While the helmets are nothing to write home about now, they are a far better fit for the new possible designs.

The best news for Bucs fans is that both of the jerseys have ditched the horrendous alarm clock numbering which is enough of a reason for Buccaneer fans to celebrate in and of itself. At least it now appears clear that the team takes some of what the fans care about and say into consideration.

While nothing is proven until the Buccaneers unveil them, these jersey designs seem to back up everything that has been said from the team up until this point.

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The play on the old designs is clear but they also allow this young team the opportunity to form their own identity. Even though they may not be the creamsicles, this writer is satisfied with the changes that have been made if they are true. What do you think?