Tom Brady news could bring more big names to Tampa Bay

Even though the Tom Brady news isn’t moving as fast as some would hope, Adam Schefter reports that players are reaching out to Tampa Bay to play with Brady.

This has to be one of the most exciting times for Bucs fans in recent memory. Tom Brady will be one of the biggest acquisitions for the team ever, and the effects of this have been massive even though the deal is not yet complete.

Raymond James is selling season tickets as though the team just won the Super Bowl, and the Buccaneers are nationally relevant for the first time in years.

Even though it is moving slowly, Brady and the Bucs will work this out as Tampa Bay is still his best option for many reasons, one of which being the supporting cast that already resides in Tampa. While those players are already great, the Bucs could be in a position to receive an influx of talent from other players.

Adam Schefter posted the above tweets this morning with the report that several players are reaching out to Tampa Bay with the hopes of playing with the greatest quarterback of all time.

This could be unprecedented for the Buccaneers as the team is already built to compete, but if players want to play with Brady they could come to Tampa for cheap despite their talent.

Schefter called this the “Lebron effect,” and that should cause Bucs fans to get very excited.

For those who do not follow the NBA, every time that LeBron James arrives at a new team he brings with him talented players from all over the league that just want to play with one of the greatest basketball players ever.

Tom Brady will seemingly have a very similar effect for the Buccaneers, which will surely work to the team’s benefit.

While there have been no names listed yet, one has to think that Brady will cast a wide net across the league due to his 20 years of experience.

It should be acknowledged that the Buccaneers don’t have an excess of cap space, but they do have enough to add a few players to make Brady feel comfortable in the new system.

These players reaching out could come from any side of the ball, but one has to think that they would be offensive additions rather than defensive ones as the defense is likely already set.

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While this could all just amount to nothing, the news for the Buccaneers gets more exciting by the day. The Bucs are still at the focal point of all NFL conversation and the addition of great players that want to play with Brady wouldn’t hurt.



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