The Tampa Bay Buccaneers can save Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz, perfect fit with the Buccaneers (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Carson Wentz, perfect fit with the Buccaneers (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

The Carson Wentz era in Philadelphia is apparently over, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could be the perfect fit for the young quarterback.

After 16,811 passing yards, 121 touchdowns, and only 50 interceptions in five seasons, the Philadelphia Eagles may be turning the page on the Carson Wentz chapter.

Adam Schefter reported today that the Eagles have named Jalen Hurts as the starter, and it will be tough for Wentz to make it back to the driver seat this season. Considering what the Eagles are paying their current backup quarterback, a change will likely come this offseason.

To be fair, Wentz has been one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL this season, but cutting bait this soon feels like a waste.

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After four seasons as a starter, Wentz was emerging as a clear top-10 talent. Wentz was able to maximize the success of the offensive without much help from the front office and was easily one of the most consistent parts of the team during the start of his tenure.

The Eagles are a horrible team right now, and it isn’t entirely fair to place all of the blame on Wentz. The Eagles have no offensive line, their leading receiver is fresh off the practice squad, and injuries have ravaged most of the starters.

To take all of this to mean that Wentz, who has more often than not proven himself, is the problem feels like a major jump to a questionable conclusion.

Regardless of the validity of the decision, this could work out perfectly for the Buccaneers. Assuming the Eagles have to cut Wentz at the end of the season, Tampa Bay could get a proven option as a free agent without having to overpay.

Wentz would sign with a team with ten times the weapons and protection available with the Eagles, and Tampa Bay would get a backup that could easily take over as the franchise quarterback after Tom Brady.

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The Buccaneers could take the pressure off Wentz by using him as a backup to Brady for a season and allow him to reload his skills, and use that as a chance to assess whether or not he would be a fit. Wentz is only 27 years old and could step into a team that won’t have an opportunity to draft a proven quarterback this year.

Carson Wentz certainly wouldn’t steal any reps from Brady or cause any huge changes in his first year, but his career has been defined by more good than bad, and the Buccaneers should capitalize on the Eagles jumping ship far too soon.