Buccaneers: Bruce Arians taking right approach with Tom Brady

Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images) /

Tom Brady and Bruce Arians have finally found their magic.

While this season has not been entirely smooth sailing for the Buccaneers with Tom Brady and Bruce Arians, we now know that this was the perfect pairing. While we don’t want to trivialize what Brady and Bill Belichick had in New England, Brady and Arians in a one-year sample have been almost as impressive.

Making it to the NFC Championship with an aging quarterback and a new system is a nearly impossible task, yet Brady has continued to age like a fine wine. No one in the NFL has ever been able to do what Brady is at his current age, and Brady is even out-performing most of his younger counterparts across the league.

However, this was not always the case. Brady and Arians had a learning curve to get used to at the start of the season. Brady is not new to having a head coach openly criticize his performance, but Arians still came in hot.

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In addition to his early handling of Brady, Arians struggled to adapt the team to players rather than scheme early on. The lack of analytics in the play-calling was maddening, but the Bucs have more than made up for it.

The Buccaneers are one of the four best teams in the NFL right now, and they have already dominated their opponent in the NFC Championship. The upcoming game will be challenging, but this season has already exceeded expectations on what this roster can do. A lot of this recent success has been due to the often-criticized Bruce Arians.

We have not gone easy on Arians so far this season. With the excitations surrounding the team, losses against the Bear and the Saints twice were unforgivable. Arians bore a decent amount of fault for the early losses, but he also deserves massive amounts of credit for the recent success.

Arians was able to move away from stubbornness that is tied to his coaching style, and Tom Brady has been able to flourish as of recent. Arians had the following to say about Brady:

We all like sitting back and watching Tom Brady too, Bruce.

In the preseason, the most prominent discussion surrounding this was whether or not Arians and Brady could find a healthy medium. The belief was that Brady wanted a big hand in setting up the playbook and roster, and most people wondered if this would clash with the strong-willed Bruce Arians.

It turns out, Bruce Arians was able to rise to the occasion, and Tom Brady has the power to make the decisions that he wants. This strategy has been a wild success so far.

Arians has been one of the best NFL coaches over the past few decades, and this decision gives him the best chance to win that elusive Super Bowl.

The Buccaneers are only one game away from getting a chance at reaching their goal, but one has to think that this is largely due to the freedom that Tom Brady has for the first time in his career.

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