2020 Buccaneers solidified as all-time great Super Bowl team

Tampa Bay Buccaneers, (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /

The Buccaneers are Super Bowl champions!

We’re still not convinced this this isn’t a dream. The Buccaneers are Super Bowl champs in one of the most improbable seasons ever, and if this is a dream, no one wake us up.

The Buccaneers, led by Tom Brady, took an early lead last night and never looked back. The Bucs eviscerated the Chiefs on both sides of the ball, which only adds more to the legend, not that it was necessary.

Brady’s arrival was the start of this unlikely tale. The Buccaneers took a chance on the oldest free agent quarterback in the NFL, and everything else fell into place after that. Even with a global pandemic, a new team, and no preseason, the Bucs found their identity and rolled with it, and now they’re champions.

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Some people may not recognize how impressive this win is. Bringing a brand-new quarterback into a difficult system never works out like this, but Brady isn’t your average quarterback, and this isn’t your average team. Brady meshed with the underdog mentality of the Buccaneers perfectly, and the rest of the team was finally given the consistency at quarterback they deserved.

Players like Lavonte David, Mike Evans, and William Gholston deserved this win so much. Spending time with a dysfunctional franchise and choosing to stay is a difficult move, but now, the entire trajectory for most of their careers will forever be different.

Evans and David both inched closer in their race to the Hall of Fame. They’ll need to maintain their current pace for about five more years a piece, but they are closer now. Byron Leftwich and Todd Bowles just became front-runners to get serious head-coaching consideration next season, with one likely to take over after Bruce Arians retires.

Bruce Arians has caught a lot of flak for some of his decisions during his time with the Bucs, but last night’s win was vindication for his entire career. The “no risk it no biscuit” strategy will forever be the one that helped hold off the Chiefs dynasty and won a Super Bowl in the most improbable circumstances, and Arians has bought himself some Hall of Fame clout as well.

Finally, the early GOAT talk for Mahomes should die off forever. If, in your prime, you can’t beat a 43-year old Tom Brady on a new team in the Super Bowl, its pretty hard to ever make a compelling case to be the best quarterback ever, but Mahomes still has a chance to be #2.

Number two isn’t bad, but the Buccaneers wouldn’t know anything about that. Right now, Tampa Bay is number one, and the Bucs officially own the NFC South.

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