Odell Beckham Jr: Tom Brady wishes come true with the Buccaneers

Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images) /

Tom Brady has his way with the Buccaneers. Can we really rule anything out?

Just so we can get ahead of this, the Buccaneers are almost assuredly not going to add Odell Beckham Jr. OBJ’s price tag is too high, and it makes little sense for the Bucs to move off of Godwin for a more expensive receiver. The only reason why this scenario isn’t a zero percent chance is because of Tom Brady.

The Buccaneers have been tied to many outlandish free agents and trade targets in the last year, and almost every one of them has come true.

Antonio Brown, Rob Gronkowski, Tom Brady, and Leonard Fournette joined the Buccaneers. At this point, it’s next to impossible to say that the Bucs won’t make a move with some level of certainty.

Tom Brady makes impossible deals possible

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You can say that an event probably won’t happen, but none of us can say that “x” event definitely won’t happen. Tom Brady has proven that wrong time and time again.

While Odell Beckham Jr. looks like an unlikely addition on paper, the fact that Brady has expressed any interest in the current WR1 for the Browns makes it a legitimate option.

The first step that is needed to cause this scenario is the departure of Chris Godwin. Brady likely does not want this, as Godwin is one of the best receivers in the NFL right now, but if the Bucs can’t reach and deal and don’t use the franchise tag, Godwin will become a free agent.

No one wants to see this happen, but the window is closing to bring Godwin back on a deal that isn’t the franchise tag. Tampa Bay doesn’t have a ton of cash, so it makes sense that they’re taking their time on a deal for 2021, but the window is closing.

If Godwin does get an offer from another team, the Bucs would then have the opportunity to make a trade for Beckham. The Browns have no reason to move on from one of the best receivers in the NFL, but the Bucs could offer several picks to continue the “all-in” push for the season.

Tom Brady has a way of making deals happen that seem impossible. When you look at the past year and all of the “impossible” deals that came true, Brady himself is the only way to explain it.

In addition to his ability as a phenomenal player-GM, Brady has recently entered into negotiations to change his contract, which could free up some space. If Brady does take a cut or a deal to save some money for this year, can the Bucs really say no to an option like OBJ if Brady’s money is being used to pay him?

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While we should all expect for Godwin to return in 2021 as the second option for the Bucs, saying that OBJ is a complete impossibility right now just ignores what has transpired with the team over the past year.

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