People get ready, there’s a Buccaneers’ rookie train a’coming

Joe Tryon, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images)
Joe Tryon, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images) /

Today is the start of any semblance of pre-season we have known in over a year. Last season never had a pre-season and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were forced to learn on the fly as they were breaking in a new quarterback (new to the Bucs, that is) and really didn’t have time to work out the kinks in their batch of new rookies.

So far, this season seems a little bit less obstructed, like the Covid-19 preseason was. We will, starting tomorrow that is get a chance to see what our rookie and undrafted cohort looks like. We will get to see them on the field and working out. We will get to see if Joe Tryon is the pick they thought he was, or at least see if that potential merited the Bucs first-round selection, albeit at number 32.

We will almost assuredly get to see if Kyle Trask really can throw the football downfield, and also what kind of movement he has in the pocket. Although they won’t be able to tackle him per see, certainly any linemen on the field will want to get a chance to tag him before he can release the football.

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Yes, football. Real football. Live football. Finally, football has come back to Raymond James Stadium. Can you smell what Bruce Arians is cooking!? Does it smell like victory, -hat tip to Apocalypse Now.
Just waiting to see them in action makes me want to get some crab legs. There hasn’t been this much excitement in Tampa, well, since February 7th. What’s a football junkie to do?

So we have rookie camp, followed by abbreviated OTAs, and then three pre-season games. Why only three, you ask? That’s simple, it’s because one of the preseason games demanded to be traded to the regular season. Seeing no option, the NFL agreed to allow the game to move to the regular season.
Now, the Buccaneers and all the rest of those teams will get a chance to pull in even more money for the owners and the league as they add game 17 to the season. Big whoop!

No doubt, this game came just in time for the league to gin up some extra cash after losing their proverbial shirts last season. Not only did they get slammed with empty stadium syndrome, but they also got slammed on TV, as many fans opted out of dialing in their televisions to watch whatever games the league felt they deserved to see. Or, for those more solvent financially, there’s always pay for it TV football.

Despite all that, the fanbase is dying for some football. For most teams, it has been a long four months off from January to May with only the draft to ease the jones. For now, this will start to feel like the old NFL start-up.

Relax, enjoy, and keep reading the myriad of news that starts today.