One Buccaneers Free Agency Target from Each NFC South Team

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /

This is the final article in a series selecting one player from each NFL team that would make a good free agency pickup by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We’ve finally made it to the rest of the NFC South, home to a talented pool of free agents. To find out which rival Tampa Bay should steal talent from, just read on.

As a reminder of the rules to this exercise, only one member of each position group has been chosen per division. This means that if, for example, someone like Allen Robinson appears on the list then Davante Adams could not, because they play the same position and share the same division.

With that, lets start the final division off, with the NFC South!

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Carolina Panthers: Stephon Gilmore – CB

Stephon Gilmore is a big name. A big enough name that the Buccaneers, who are well over the salary cap already, probably can’t afford him. But with enough restructuring, who can say what offseason maverick Jason Licht can pull off?

With regards to Gilmore’s fit with Tampa Bay, it would be a great match. Gilmore would bring a resume that includes at least two years as a top-3 CB in football, while the Buccaneers would offer him an aggressive defense designed to maximize turnovers from coverage corners.

Especially with the loss of Jordan Whitehead, the Buccaneers’ defense is a unit looking for some juice. A potentially lockdown corner opposite Carlton Davis (another very good player) would provide all the juice the team needs.

Atlanta Falcons: Cordarelle Patterson – RB/WR/ST

Cordarelle Patterson enjoyed a true breakout season last year, emerging as the easy top option for the Atlanta Falcons. Patterson played WR, RB, and special teams – excelling at all three in a true valuable versatility role.

This by itself isn’t too shocking, there have been plenty of players who bounced around positions in an offense. But Patterson didn’t just take up space, he dominated everywhere he lined up.

Now, he hits free agency likely looking to leave a Falcons team clearly on the verge of a rebuild. If Tampa Bay moves on from Leonard Fournette, a split that has appeared likely for weeks now despite the new rumors of a contract being negotiated, Cordarelle Patterson provides an uber-athletic replacement.

As a bonus, the Buccaneers would be signing away a talented member of a rival divisional team – a worthwhile expense even if Patterson wasn’t as great a talent as he is. If the Buccaneers can find the money, Cordarelle is a slam dunk.

New Orleans Saints: P.J. Williams – S

Another versatile player from a divisional rival, Williams has been an entrenched player in the stellar New Orleans Saints’ defense since its resurgence back in 2017. Originally starting out as a CB, Williams quickly graduated to general slot defender and eventually a free safety. Coincidentally, the Buccaneers have just lost their starting free safety to Robert Saleh and the New York Jets.

This versatility for Williams just happens to be across different positions that the Buccaneers need help at. And there may be mutual interest, as Williams has to frustrated with the series of short term holdoff contracts that the Saints have offered him the past several years.

And, as mentioned in the above section, stealing a member of a rival team from their roster is a bonus to the actual value he provides Tampa Bay. And I think everyone would like to see the Saints lose some more.

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